Club Policy


Esprit Ladies Health Club and Spa Club Policy


By entering Esprit Ladies Health Club & Spa it is accepted that you have also agreed to abide by the following rules and regulations


Members must accompany their guests at all times. Members and guests, who will be referred to from now on in as members, must at all times observe these rules which are designed to facilitate effective club operations and create a safe and respectful environment for all.

Exercise participation, spa use and membership is restricted to women aged 16 and above. All members and visitors must sign in at reception. A Health Questionnaire must be completed and checked by a member of staff before the use of any of the club facilities will be permitted. It is the duty of clients to inform staff of any changes to their health status and if necessary obtain a medical clearance note.

Membership of Esprit Ladies Health Club & Spa, is not transferable, in any way, to another.  Esprit Ladies Health Club & Spa reserves the right to refuse admission to a member or visitor for the reasons of health and safety or if the proposed has previously abused Esprit Ladies Health Club & Spa rules. Esprit Ladies Health Club & Spa reserves the right to implement a membership waiting list if deemed necessary.



We are a CONTRACT health club. The contract lasts for a 12 month period. You must make 12 payments, one you have signed the agreement.  Once the year is over, the contract will automatically renew, unless given 1 months notice to cancel. it is the member’s responsibility to cancel their direct debit,  Esprit Ladies Health Club & Spa will not be liable to repay any pending payments from your account to the business account.                                                                                                           


Exercise appropriate footwear and clothing must be worn at all times. All free weights and loose fitness equipment must be returned to designated storage places. Excess sweat left on equipment must be cleaned off after use. Gym etiquette guidelines poster in fitness area are to be observed.

SAUNA AND HOT TUB                                                                                 

Members must be aware of the age restrictions applied to the use of the sauna. Shaving is not permitted in the sauna, hot tub or showers. No oils of any kind are to be used in the sauna. Water must not be poured onto the hot stones, as the sauna is ELECTRIC. Drinking water is permitted. Members and visitors must adhere to the Hot Tub rules, which are presented to members when they sign up and are posted on the wall in the Hot Tub area.


For security reasons, no personal belongings are to be left unattended in the changing room and members are asked to store all items in a locker. Usage of the lockers is governed by the club’s rules and regulations. Lockers are provided for free, however a £5 deposit per locker key must be lodged with reception. On completion of their visit to the Club the member must return the locker key to reception, where the £5 deposit will be refunded. Esprit Ladies Health Club & Spa reserves the rights to keep the deposit if the key is taken home, lost, damaged or misused in any way. Property stored in the changing room lockers is at the owner’s risk and no liability for loss or damage will be accepted by Esprit Ladies Club & Spa.



All lost property found on the premises should be handed in to the club reception. Lost property will be kept for a maximum of 1 week, uncollected items will be either be recycled, donated to charity or if unsuitable for the former options, disposed of.



The exercise facilities and classes are designed with safety in mind, however the member’s use of the facilities and participation in club activities is entirely at the members own risk. Any member who in doubt of their medical fitness should seek the advice of their doctor before commencing exercising. Esprit Ladies Club & Spa staff and fitness contractors are not qualified to answer any medical questions relating to individual health and in all instances these questions should/will be referred to a medical or allied health professional.

Esprit Ladies Health Club & Spa staff and fitness contractors shall not be under any liability for any loss, damage, injury (including death) whether accidental or otherwise, as a result of participating in the exercise programme.

Any member or visitor who experiences an accident or near accident must immediately report the accident details to the Gym Manager or, if not available, the senior member of staff on duty. 

Esprit Ladies Club & Spa cannot accept liability for any accident or near accident to a member or visitor other than the liability which might arise from negligence of the club, it’s staff, fitness contractors or agents.

Glassware is not allowed in the changing room, fitness area and studios.

With the exception of guide dogs, no pets will be allowed in the club.

Fire exits which are clearly marked, are not to be interfered with. In the event of a fire or an emergency evacuation, members and visitors must immediately make their way in an orderly fashion to the nearest available fire exit


If any member causes a nuisance or annoyance to other members, visitors, staff, or acts inappropriately, or misuses the club facilities, or breaches any rules and regulations, Esprit Ladies Health Club & Spa reserves the right to refuse admission, suspend or terminate membership. No alcoholic, illegal substance or food may be consumed within the club or its grounds. The club is a designated no-smoking environment.


Any comments or complaints must be put in writing and addressed to the Gym Manager.

Esprit Ladies Health Club & Spa reserves the right to amend these rules and regulations at any time. Notification will be made public on The Club notice boards prior to change.