Exam Time

We would like to wish all our clients entering their exam time good luck with getting all your revision done and in taking your exams.

We just want to remind you that exercise, especially aerobic exercise, reduces your levels of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol. Exercise also encourages the production of endorphins, the chemicals in the brain that are the body's natural painkillers and mood elevators. An article published in the Sports Medicine* found that exercising for at least 21 minutes, yes only 21 minutes!!, was all that was necessary to start to feel stress relief benefits.

A contributor to the Huffington Post, Dr Mathew Stults-Koleman, recognises that the social support from workout partners and gym staff can also help alleviate stress. This is great news for the brain as stress can affect our ability to recall information and that’s the last thing you want before an exam!!

So, it seems taking a break from the books and a having a workout at Esprit Ladies Health Club & Spa will help get you achieve your fitness goals and your academic targets too. So, see you soon and GOOD LUCK from all the Esprit team.


*A Meta- Analysis on the Anxiety-Reducing Effects of Acute and Chronic Exercise                                     Petruzzello, S.J., Landers, D.M., Hatfield, B.D. et al. Sports Med (1991) 11: 143. doi:10.2165/00007256-199111030-00002



Now this one isn’t just for the Yoga and Pilates enthusiasts out there.  Yes, PiYo is based around yoga and Pilates movements, however it packs a massive punch!  PiYo combines these two workouts in a way that not only sculpts your entire physique, but gets you incredibly strong, fit and flexible at the same time.  There is always a modifier move, should you find it difficult to do but if you stick to it, you will soon be finding yourself performing the advanced moves. 

For all you women out there, you will be ecstatic to know that we offer PiYo to all our members at Esprit Ladies Health Club and Spa.

PiYo times: Thursday at 5pm and Friday at 11.15am


The next in line for discussion is the one we all know about! That’s right the world of Insanity is here at Esprit Ladies Health Club and Spa.  Insanity has it all, from yoga movement to plyometric push-ups.  There is no other class that will get your sweat dripping, like this one.  You will have a love hate relationship with Insanity because it is hard work but at the same time it gets you amazing results.  Then we have Insanity max 30! So, this is Insanity juiced into 30 minutes!  I know what you are thinking…”are you crazy?!”  That’s right, for those of you that haven’t the time for a 45-minute Insanity workout, jump into our 30 minute Insanity class.  There is no better way to “Push your Limits!”

Just remember that Insanity is very intense however our instructors ensure that they offer a modification exercise, for beginner.  The only way you will know if you are “insane” enough is if you come to Esprit Ladies Health Club and spa and try it out.

Insanity times: Wednesday at 5pm and Saturday at 9am


Hello ladies. Welcome to the world of Esprit!  This is the first of our weekly blogs dedicated to ensure that you make informed choices and do what is right for you.

Our first few weeks will be based around classes that you can partake for free, once you join Esprit Ladies Health Club and Spa.  We will start off with the mother of all dance classes, Zumba!  Many of us are afraid to let our inner dancing queen out, that is why here at Esprit, the ladies can feel free and let go, knowing that there are not any men about.

If you ask any woman where they want to lose weight and tone up, the answer would unequivocally be thighs, bum and tummy.  Zumba is the perfect fix for these areas.  As well as having great fun, you will tighten and tone all the aforementioned areas. 

Zumba is a fun way to get into shape and you don’t even feel like you are working out! Our very own Karolina teaches Zumba twice a week and rest assured, even if you are a beginner, you will be looked after. So come along to Esprit Ladies Health Club and Spa and get your Zumba fix!

Zumba times: Tuesday at 10.30am and Wednesday at 5.45pm